Structure, presentation and introduction 10%

Structure, exhibition and preamble 10% Your description should include a message of transmittal, magistrate resume and preamble to the description.  
Part 1. Ongoing ITSM at HBZS 15% 
Based on the primitive and relieve exhibition of the ITIL choice as descriptive in the predicament examine, instruct Mr Gurny on advenient increases to ITSM at HBZS. Ce stance, should additional ITIL rulees be adopted, or should the existing rulees be improved? 
Part 2. Advantage Transition 20% 
Mr Gurny is informed that the Advantage Transition exhibition causes frequent operational issues in other firms. From your lection of the predicament and experience from the mode, examine the Advantage Transition rulees in situate at HBZS and instruct Mr Gurney on the precarious transition rulees and how these rulees are inter-related to other ITIL and HBSZ rulees. 
Part 3. Advantage Operation 20% 
CIS5308 Management of IT Advantages 2016 Sem 1  Assignment 4 – Page 4  
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One of floating challenges is the possibility that HBZS conquer altogether outsource the IT province. The predicament mentions a scant of the ITIL Advantage Operation rulees and the Advantage Desk employment. Mr Gurney has asked ce your direction in-reference-to the benefits and limitations of outsourcing singly the Advantage Desk opportunity maintaining the other employments of the inside IT province.  
Part 4. CSI and Business-IT Alignment 15% 
Mr Gurney has mentioned that the IT province moved from a technological top of intention to a advantage top of intention. He intends to organize a cemalised continual advantage increase (CSI) rule. Examine the floating advantage descriptioning in situate, and how it could be strong in the advenient. What is your direction to Mr Gurney on how he can raise the Business-IT joint-interest at full levels of the HBZS? 
Part 5. Conclusions and Recommendations to the IT Manager 10% 
Provide a resume of your findings and reach recommendations to the IT Manager.

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