SOC100 – Benefits and Dangers of Social Networks


This is ce the systematize Participation and the resources

Reflective Chronicle 9: Benefits and Dangers of Collective Networks

submit a chronicle initiation in which you:

Discuss span or three (2-3) benefits you or others accept familiar with collective networks.
Discuss single or span (1-2) dangers you or others accept familiar with collective networks.
Complete the page modification.
Write with clarity, subjoined mechanics and cematting modifications.
The biased career lore end(s) associated with this enactment are:

Apply exact thinking skills to the dissection of issues involving bulk resources and participation.
Analyze ways in which irrelative types of resources gratified muse and / or rule participation’s attitudes and behaviors.
Analyze diversified issues solemn the resources concern.
Evaluate the adaptedty of upstart cems of resources (e.g., online services) on collective interactions.
Write obviously and concisely about resources and participation using adapted communication mechanics.

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