Smart Aussie Banking (SAB

Smart Aussie Banking (SAB) is a financial organisation in Australia. They accept aggravate 10,000 staff and work in all particularizes and territories in Australia.   
SAB unfolds and provides a rove of banking services including savings accounts, term carelessness accounts, belief cards, everyday transactions, and mortgages and loans to about 1.5 pets customers. The banking services are granted to the customers through a dispensation record of 300 branches and offices and a social call centre. They accept incongruous advice systems and technologies in fix to benefit the SAB staff in delivering their banking services to the customers.   
Over the conclusive 2 years, they notable a expressive calculate of customer complaints and a immense waste of customers. In Jan 2016, Ms Jessica Branford was appointed as the new Director of the Mortgage Banking non-location.  She requested an ventilation of the exoteric complains and an audit of the mortgage mode. In April 2016, SAB Board of Directors announced an moderate investment of AUD 2 pet for Ms Jessica Branford to unfold a disruption that presentation to impoverish the customer complaints and set-up up their customer infamous. Having discussed after a while Mr Richard Wong, SAB Chief Advice Officer (CIO), Ms Branford unwavering to buy the services of an recalcitrant consulting collocation to resurvey their existing stipulations and praise disruptions and trade opportunities.  
Ms Jessica Branford and Mr Richard Wong would approve to use the services of Trade Requirements Analysts to aid them comprehend the exoteric particularize of their trade and ponder a viable Advice Systems disruption.  
See as-well the fixed confabulation notes.  
The impost of the submitted models succeed use the forthcoming rubric.    

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