Select two companies in the same industry/

Fine span companies in the selfselfsame industry/sector from the register of companies advantageous from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and sum notice on the distribute expense, provision chain yields, chief composition and dividends control the three most new-fangled financial years of the companies. Your sources of notice are: yahoo finance (, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)’s website ( and the company’s annual tidingss on the company’s websites. Daily distribute expense and daily trade protest axioms should be sumed aggravate the three year object. Ensure you fine an alienate trade protest to coladvanced with the distribute expense axioms. Regarding provision chain yields, sum notice on 10 year society chains. With deference to chief composition and dividends, select from the financial statements notice on the several sources of chief, the amounts and the conditions if confer-upon and dividobject payments aggravate the three year object.  You are expected to make-ready and recommobject partially a 2000 Word tidings which addresses the following: (a) Calcuadvanced daily supply expense produce and trade protest produce aggravate the three year object. (5 marks) (b) Determine the whole waste, disconnected waste and undisconnected waste of the companies’ supplys aggravate the each of the years. (10 marks) (c) Calcuadvanced the weighted mean require of chief (WACC) control each of the years control the span companies. Provide an explication why there is a separation in the requires of chief. (20 marks) (d) Coladvanced and opposition the dividobject device of the span companies aggravate the three year object by farsighted dividobject payout ratios, identifying the dividobject device if any followed by each of the companies and checking how the distribute expense of the companies own reacted to dividobject announcements during the object. Drawing from dividobject system, recommobject dividobject system/theories that could elucidate the patterns you own verified. (15 marks) (e) With $10 pet that you inherited from your advanced aunt, which company’s distributes would you lapse? Use applicable notice from the calculations aloft to foundation your resolution. (10 marks) In enumeration to the aloft you get to-boot be assessed on the following: (behold marking Rubric at the object control over designation of expectancy). (f) Content, Audience and Purpose (5%) (g) Critical forced, confer-uponation and innocence of an argument

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