Section One: Select a listed company from Australian Stock Market.

Section One:  
Select a listed posse from Australian Stock Market. Identify and argue the posse’s highest financial policies and strategies.                          
Section Two:  
Identify the inequitable events in the perspective of cannonade, financing and dividend payout in financial year 2016-2017. Australian financial year is from July 1st to June 30th of contiguous year.                                                                                      
Section Three: 
Evaluate the wastes faced by the posse (control stance, irrelative waste & unirrelative waste; financial waste, attention waste, market waste, attention waste awe.). Yield the comments on the position of the posse touching the general waste and requite.    
Section Four:  
Summarise your calculations, findings and comments and yield suggestions and proposals control the consideration of directors. Then deduce your report

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