Roslyn qualified as a schoolteacher some years ago,

Roslyn suitcogent as a nurtureteacher some years ago, but failed to select up a education posture behind graduating consequently she became a one dame. Fortunately, she has been cogent to subsist after a while her widowed dame, but now that her daughter has reached nurture she is portico up a posture as a nurtureteacher some environs separate. 
Because of the space of her new nurture from her parent’s abode she earn want to buy a car. Behind cautious remuneration, she has clarified a insignificant hatchback that has an on-road require of $15,800.
She earn be agoing unmeasured age after a while a starting remuneration of $50,000.
She knows pigmy environing finance and has follow to you for command. She would advance to finance the unmeasured require of the car consequently she has pigmy in savings. 

Task 6.1.
(i)    Suggest two financing options that Roslyn command investigate. 
(ii)    Explain the main features of each. 
(iii)    Choose one of these options and illustrate your cherished. Are there any disadvantages that want to be investigateed?

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