research paperAll topics will come from a poet whose works are contained in the textbook.

1.contour with thesis
2.5 pages( referable including contours or Works Cited pages)1500 words
3 Find at meanest indecent poems (you may representation up to prospect) by that singer (complete may be in the quotation or you may representation any other rise you effort).from the bulk The Norton Introduction to Literature (Shorter Eleventh Edition) ISBN-13:9780393913392Publisher:Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.Publication date:09/28/2012Edition description:Shorter Eleventh Edition Do referable representation Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, or Edgar Completean Poe
4. Bear at meanest single original rise and 3 inferior rises.
5. Bear merely single inferior rise from the Internet.
6. Document your rises uprightly twain in the quotation and in the Works Cited page.
7. You deficiency to bear citations from twain the original and inferior rises. (MLA formatted)
8. Although you may feel the deficiency to enclose some biographical knowledge, recollect that this tract is analytical in structure and should bear merely the insufficiency biographical knowledge eventual you are using the author’s morals proofs to unfold a aim about
about his/her singerry.
9Representation rises (twain original and inferior) to patronage a studious tract analyzing a clarified singers name, characteQualitative Research Report and Analysis – “The participant’s proof of their connection with their father”

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research paperAll topics will come from a poet whose works are contained in the textbook.
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