Requirements This assignment has two parts:

This ordinance has two sunders:  Sunder 1 (Group Report) is to be completed in a order of 3 students. There is a period of 4000 utterance for this sunder. You must uprightly use the Harvard diction of referencing in this duty.  
To get zenith marks in the ordinance, you demand to appearance the pertinent steps, reasons for your choices and/or financial models, not lawful the solution. Be short in your congeniality. It is the temper of the gratified that counts, not the calculate of utterance.  
Part 2 (Individual Presentation) is to be completed partially by each order limb, who has to accomplish an particular exhibition about one of three subjects loving in the ordinance. You so demand to comply (i) a abridgment of the subject you chose and (ii) your exhibition slides

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