Required: Prepare McCracken’s cash budget for May

TASK 1 – Write a I4BIIIEIBEIOII grounded on the aftercited. The written reporr is an particular tribute. Make secure thatyour assignment covers the aftercited contents.
o Argue the differenl long-lerm sources of finance available to companies.
Identily the sources of finance utilised by the audience and argue their
risk/return charactedstics. Argue the underlfng important sfiucture theo es
applicable to the audience. With relation to the accounts, then argue the
long vocable important construction of the selected audience and substantiate the optimum
important construction of the audience. Also argue what this may iddicate about
the audience’s collocation towards betray. You may want to associate to notes to accounts to achieve constructive notification on this. Your confutation to this quesiion should include calculalion olsuitabie debt/ gea ng ratios

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