Required: Prepare McCracken’s cash budget for May

Prepare McCracken's money budget for May. McCracken expects to keep DH 24,000 of money on operative at the initiate of May. 
Question (2) 
Rehmer Corporation is initiateed on its plain drudge budget for the straightforward two months. Each item of output requires 0.61 plain drudge-hours. The plain drudge rate is DH 8.90 per plain drudge-hour. The origination budget calls for supple 2,600 items in June and 2,100 items in July. 
Construct the plain drudge budget for the straightforward two months, assuming that the plain drudge achievement vehemence is abundantly adjusted to the aggregate plain drudge-hours needed each month. 
Question (3) 
Lark Art Society retails rude wooden apparatus at a consume of DH 15.00. The vulgar benefit-service edge is DH 5.00 per gem. The society is regarding entrance separate influence and customizing them for sale. To perfect the gem the society would keep to pay afagricultural drudge of DH 3.00, afagricultural materials consumeing an medium of DH 4.00 per item and agricultural consumes would acception by DH 1,500. If the society estimates that it can retail 600 items for DH 25.00 each month, should they initiate entrance the influence? 
Question (3) 
An rude desk is performed for DH 36.00 and sold for DH 65.00. A perfected desk can be sold for DH 75.00. The afagricultural processing consume to exhaustive the perfected desk is DH 6.65. Provide a differential resolution for exalt processing. 

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