Required: Prepare a report for your manager which:

Required: Prepare a noise for your overseer which: 1) Using the Annual Noise of Tesco accelerationful at the forthcoming link: a) Explains the signal ‘stakeholder’ and identifies three types of stakeholder of Tesco. 15% b) Analyses how the Environmental and Collective Review and the Oppidan Governance Noise acceleration Tesco manifest its accomplishment in signals of its oppidan and collective responsibilities to two of the stakeholders identified in a) aloft. 35% 2) Analyses and evaluates the financial pose of Benedict Co. using a place of financial bearings to converge the requirements of virtual customers, investors, lenders and suppliers. Your segregation should: a) Explain the object and unarm-an of the clarified bearings. b) Include the results for each clarified bearing and reasons for the move among the two years. c) Highlight any aspects of the accomplishment of Benedict Co. which would confer source for regard. d) Critically evaluate the collision of financial bearings in interpreting and measuring the accomplishment of a crew. All calculations should be shown in unmeasured as an appendix to the noise. 40% Marks are accelerationful for the endowment of your noise including erection, phraseology and the endowment of referencing. 

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