REQUIRED: Prepare a Letter of Advice to Jacob that outlines/discusses/explains the following:

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REQUIRED: Prepare a Missive of Command to Jacob that outlines/discusses/explains the following: 1. The tax implications of the sale of his original family and escheatment of new family, including any exemptions beneficial and noting any attached instruction you may insist-upon from Jacob. Consider the assessable perform, if any. (10 marks) 2. The tax implications of the price on his family. (5 marks) 3. The tax implications of receiving the apple guard and valor feather. (4 marks) 4. The assessability and deductibility of all the other items listed in the instruction as you consider Jacob’s taxable allowance for the year ended 30 June 2016. (10 marks) 5. The tax payable/ (refundable) for Jacob for the year ended 30 June 2016, including all attached levies and tax offsets. (7 marks) Important Note: Jacob is an discriminating taxpayer and questions integral interest of tax command abandoned to him. To fix Jacob is pleasant delay your command, you achieve insufficiency to get exceeding (but terse) interpretations encircling the allowance tax matter of all these items overhead. As such, you achieve insufficiency to subsistence all your argument and interpretation delay relation to parliament, cases or rulings. Referencing the Master Tax Guide achieve not be alienate as this is not the example, but rather assists your knowledge of the parliament, cases and rulings. Also, servile full sections of parliament, cases or rulings achieve not be alienate as Jacob wants your command getd in a way he can perceive. If you insufficiency to perform assumptions in the lack of unfair instruction that achieve be getd by Jacob succeeding, you may insufficiency to perform a firmness that moves in a feature order, but get a diminutive interpretation if another sequence of operation is alienate. Your command should be getd formally in a professional missive addressed straightway to Jacob (not an oration encircling him), addressing each result as expedient. Remember, division does not frequently equate to disposition, so be terse in your counterpart. A aggregate of 4 marks (i.e. 10% of the marks beneficial for the assignment) achieve be allocated to these areas of referencing, formatting and gift, so perform fast you merit these marks as polite.

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