REQUIRED: Part A Using the latest annual reports of the following

REQUIRED: Part A Using the remotest annual reports of the aftercited three listed companies,  • TPG Telecom Ltd (https:// • Metcash Ltd ( ; and • National Australia Bank Ltd ( ad three detached reports, addressed to the directors of each of these companies to propose ‘Wealth Avowal Policy(ies)’ in docility with the odd Australian Accounting Standard AASB 15 Wealth from Contracts with Customers (AASB 15). The reports should explain the concrete, kernel origin and end of AASB 15 biased to each diligence. Also explain how the five-step model 
ce wealth avowal in AASB 15 obtain be distinctively applied the three companies that appertain to incongruous industries.  
Part B What are the clew differences betwixt the limitation and avowal criteria ce, 1) ‘income’ inferior the Conceptual Framework ce Financial Reporting, and 2) ‘revenue’ inferior AASB 15?

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