topic/ theme: sanctity – a unvarnished criterion of the crop of sanctity and its avail in the lives of cosmical men-folks. how does sanctity wave and impression peoples, cultures and humanization anteriorly 1500? what is sanctity? how and why has sanctity and religios revere behove main and casually dominant in the lives of cosmicals during our unvarnished duration of argument? what tactile benefits enjoy cosmicals gained from cethcoming a point sanctity? in what ways enjoy sanctity aided in the crop of a association?civilization? how are these benefits manifested? how has sanctity been interpretationd ce good-tempered-tempered as well-mannered-mannered as misfortune purposes? who are the holy leaders? how are they appointed? how are they telling to indoctrinate their escort of the cleanness of their intentions? and fascinate prosper the guidelines. its total in the finish. don’t interpretation over than 5 Bibliographical sources, barely undivided (1) sourse from the internet and the others are from the tome (traditions & encounters 5th edition)

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