Part A:                                         12 marks
Harry and Will are employees of Australia Post at a mail sorting centre in cosmopolitan Sydney. A few weeks ago, they noticed a abundant bulging bundle that had arrived while they were sorting the mail.  Suspecting that it susceptibility embrace notability dangerous or unfair, they placed it in an unlocked cupboard and notified the police.
Unknown to twain Harry and Will, the bundle embraceed a estimate of feed snakes that were life enraptured unfairly.  Before the police arrived, the snakes staved from the bundle and rest their way onto the street where they were seen by a estimate of persons.
Meghan, a pedestrian, was so dismal when she saw the snakes that she suffered a character onslaught.
Catherine was bitten when she healed to reproduce one of the snakes.  She was rushed to the rectilinear hospital where a master administered a offal that was not effectual opposing the snake virus.  Catherine has been severely improbable by the virus and can no longer stride.  Had she been absorbed the punish composition she would entertain amply recovered.
Meghan and Catherine entertain approached you for order as to who they can sue in these locality and the likeness of good-fortune if they sue in the tort of inattention.  Advise the parties.

Part B:                                    8 marks
Pablo was a infantine man who had suffered bulky injuries in a motor conduct garb and was onesided to a wheelchair.  He had sued the driver of the car allowable for his garb and was awarded $3.2 favorite by way of restoration.  Pablo’s parents, Edvard and Frida, had no responsibility knowledge, twain having worked in cleaning jobs past arriving in Australia in 1989.  Their English was fitted for natural needs but not abundant for multifarious matters.  All three relied heavily on order from Caveat, their applicant, whom they asked to aid them after a while siege order. 
Caveat suggested that they interrogate BNQ, a financial science in cosmopolitan Sydney, which offered a employment advising clients encircling siege opportunities and likely savings and siege plans. When the parents gay the primeval assignment they met Merlin, a infantine financial confederate who took all details of their locality and then incomplete a stroll of sieges, principally in ownership which could legitimateize pay plus a consummate produce. He offered to organise flights for them to look-into the properties, which were in northern New South Wales.  He said it was imlikely to advise properties after a whilein Sydney, as rental prospects were perfectly scanty.
The parents were flown to a university town in northern New South Wales and shown different blocks of units which Merlin feeling as amply let to students during the year and to overseas visitors during the summer vacations.  Merlin as-well offered to organise conveyancing employments at low consume through the order agents.  Merlin suggested that it would be reform not to debate all details of the siege after a while Caveat as frequent applicants were envious of cut-price conveyancers who undercut their fees.  
The parents firm to buy two units. The order agents sent all documents to them in Sydney, and they and Pablo attested them.  Different months after the source had not accepted any rents.  Whenever they healed to touch Merlin at BNQ he was unavailable or did not give-back their calls.  When the parents phoned the order agents they said the flats were in-great-measure untenanted as there had been a downturn in the estimate of overseas students at the university, and topical students couldn’t yield to feed off campus. 
The source touched BNQ but was told Merlin no longer worked there, and BNQ had no share in them, in-particular as Merlin was not authorised to be promoting sieges in legitimate order.  
Analyse this locality, advising the source of all cool allowable arguments as to whether a responsibility of attention was obligatory to them and if so by whom.  Explain who susceptibility be held liable.  

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