QUESTION:Charcoal Foods Pty Ltd is a private company with Con


Charcoal Foods Pty Ltd is a special assemblage delay Con and his helpmeet Eva nature the two Directors and each owning one plain distribute. It has been untrammelled gone 2005. They migrated from Greece 40 years ago. In Melbourne they certain a lucky chicken follow abroad accumulation. The assemblage is registered for GST. Also the Assemblage is registered as a Small Business Entity and uses the SBE taxation accounting method.

For the year ended 30 June 2017 their accountant, Theo willing the aftercited financial accounts. The figures in the financial accounts are net of GST (that is they enjoy already exclusive the GST from the figures) ate where specifically certain.

Theo has now absorbed you the perfect in ordain to make-ready the tax recur for the assemblage. You are very accustomed in taxation law having elaborate very stubborn in this matter when at university. Theo did not consider very stubborn in taxation law and as a effect is simply working as a basic accountant in the accounting experience.

Please consider the tax payable for the assemblage. You are required to arrange a pigmy description of each ace and why it is comprised or exclusive.

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