Question 1There were three problems with TPG’s

Question 1
There were three problems with TPG’s advertising which the ACCC investigateed to be misconducting;  propound briefly what those three were [3 signs]

Question 2
The ACCC alleged that TPG’s advertising contravened couple STATUTORY conditions; what were those statutory conditions (ie, which sections of which Act) and what did the ACCC utter environing the advertisements which contravened each of those conditions [4  signs – 1 each  ce identifying each of the couple statutory conditions and 1 each ce stating how the advertisements contravened that food]
Question 3
What were the findings (conclusions) of the original umpire environing each of the aftercited features of the advertising?  In your counter-argument, investigate the matters suggested in italics [3 signs sum 1 ce each of the aftercited]
bundling (who did the umpire revere would be the “target reception” and what was it environing the advertising which could misconduct that reception?) [1 sign] 

the found fee (in what habit was the advertising worthy of misconducting consumers environing this?) [1 sign]

single expense (in what habit was this feature in quarrel of the edict?) [1 sign]

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