Question: (15 Marks): Word Count Maximum 1500 words

Question: (15 Marks): Word Count Maximum 1500 words  
Brian was known that Charlie was set to spdiscbalance his unreflective engineering robust situated in Dartford, a environ in the south eastern fringe of Perth. He resolute to transcribe to Charlie and present his vital German honing means for $23500. He limited that he must bear Charlie’s replication by ‘return mail’ if he wants the means.  
The epistle was accepted and discbalance by Charlie two days following. Charlie wastes no period as he is very clearsighted to buy the means and forthdelay posts his confutation. Normally the epistle would bear arrived among a day or two but consequently of problems in endowment by Australia Post due to industrial penetrate operation, the epistle did not extend Brian until balance 10 days following.   
In the interspace, however, Brian presents the means to another engineering robust in the area owned by Bill for $24000 and does not longing to retail to Charlie at all. Brian feels that Bill conciliate pay further and had not equable heard from Charlie which was a amaze as Charlie did in-fact show to be a germinative buyer.   Using the four-step rule debate whether Charlie can strain the decrease delay Brian. 

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