Question 1 Asset classes (15 marks | Word limit: 700 words)

Question 1 Asset adjustes (15 marks | Word limit: 700 tone) LO5: Compare how the contrariant asset adjustes are used and traded. Assume you are a financial confederate. You possess been approached by a client who has accumulated adapted investible funds to think establishing their own peculiar bombardment portfolio. This client has now asked for a elaborate repute from you concerning bombardment options. Analyse the eight of receipts in Australia aggravate the instant 12 months from: cash  agricultural concern equity using the All Ords Index as your benchmark wealth using the A-REIT Index as your benchmark. In your counterpart, contribute an estimated percentage prevent of receipts for each asset adjust and a prevent of which asset adjust you admire get contribute the best receipts aggravate the era. Justify your conviction. In importation, understand in your counterpart an sense of the mutuality of asset adjustes. Note: No explicit bombardment warning nor portfolio allocation is required for this inquiry.

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