Question 1 (15 marks)

Scrutiny 1 (15 marks)

This scrutiny relates to representative experienced in the Topics 1 to 3. This scrutiny addresses the 5th and 6th theme letters quenchedcomes.
Coercion the subjoined numerical problems, specific answers must be semblancen. This involves providing a slight cognomen of the problems, coercionmulae used, progressive and last answers to the scrutinys. Coercion assignments you are expected to semblance your workings using the divert coercionmula.
a. Sandy expects to accept the subjoined drift of specie glides from an boarding balance the instant 5 years:

End of year    Specie glide ($)
1    400
2    800
3    500
4    400
5    300

If the appropriate admonish of share is 9% per annum on this boarding, how abundantly should she steadfast coercion this boarding opening? (4 marks)

b. Lee has captured quenched a hypothecation of $100,000 with an share admonish of 10% per annum. The hypothecation is to be compensated extempore by 20 correspondent quarterly steadfastments; the highest steadfastment is imputable today. How abundantly conciliate Lee’s quarterly steadfastment be?. (4 marks)

c. Dianne won a lottery guerdon of $200,000. She invested the full aggregate and expects a per-annum repay of 10% per annum compounded monthly on her boarding. Dianne conciliate accept 150 correspondent monthly steadfastments with the highest steadfastment imputable to be compensated to her in precisely 2 years. Find the extent of the monthly steadfastments that Dianne conciliate accept. (7 marks)

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