Question 1 (13 marks) Linda is the manager of a supermarket

Question 1 (13 marks) Linda is the troddenor of a supermarket designated John’s Supermarket, which is located in a liberal country town on the north seashore of NSW. The garner was designated following the possessor, John Miley, who lived in Sydney. On his repeated marks to the garner, John would debate the acquisition of redemption fund and memorial the requisite mandate control Linda to send to the suppliers. As a government, qualified fund was regulateed during John marks so that Linda had no scarcity to regulate raise fund. Shortly following John’s mark in December, Cathy, the sales troddenor of AFS Grocery Wholesalers Co Pty Ltd, determined at the garner and showed Linda the mandate she had enthralled from a nearby supermarket with which John’s Supermarket was in trodden brace-of-a-trade. Linda was in a scrape. John was overseas control the instant brace weeks and had left no continuity details. Faced with the lack of John and very worried about losing customers to his adversary, Linda placed an regulate control $45,000 rate of movables control the beneficial Easter exchange. Three days after Linda ordinary the movables and instantly placed them on sale. Unfortunately, the instant day John had a liberal delegation of common movables delivered to the garner. In a music he apologised control referable informing Linda of this delegation save said he had been occupied with other dispose-of transaction matters. On his give-back to Sydney, John ordinary an invoice control $45,000 control the movables replete by AFS Grocery Wholesalers Co Pty Ltd to his   north seashore garner. He instantly apprised the corporation that he would referable firm. In a missive to the corporation he said:” I get referable firm consequently Linda the troddenor of my garner had no pattern to regulate those movables.” You are required to: Advise AFS Grocery Wholesalers Co Pty Ltd: 1. Of any legitimate rights they may keep in regulate to obtain firmment of $45,000 control the movables they delivered to John’s Supermarket   (9 marks). 2. Would your command disagree if John apprised you that Linda was expressly prohibited from regulateing any movables extraneously his pattern? (4 marks).

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