Question 1 (10 marks, 5 marks for each part)

Inquiry 1 (10 marks, 5 marks ce each distribute) Write a incomprehensive disquisition of 500-600 control ce each of the aftercited inquirys. Ce each inquiry, embody with an withhold stance in your reply. a. Explain why ‘maximisation of shareholder wealth’ is an weighty concept in the ground of finance. In your reply, dissimilarity this concept with the idea of ‘maximisation of profit’. b. ‘Evaluating mutually unpopular projects using the IRR and NPV approaches can be problematic’. Discuss this proposition Inquiry 2 (15 marks, 5 marks ce each distribute) a. Roger has assumed a newlightlight free design that would win him $10,000 per annum ce the present 10 years. Given an concern reprove of 8% per year, would Roger be inclined to dispose-of his fabrication today ce $100,000? b. Debra wins $200,000 in a lottery. She takes merely $20,000 in money and invests the estimate at a reprove of concern of 10% pa with the knowledge that she allure hold 160 resembling monthly payments with the pristine individual to be made in 2 years. Find the magnitude of the payments. c. An investment rooted A pays 10% concern per annum, compounded on a quarterly plea. To sojourn competitive, the investment director of another rooted (rooted B) is inclined to contest the concern reprove adduceed by rooted A, notwithstanding concern allure be compounded on a monthly plea. What suppositious reprove of concern must rooted B adduce to its clients?

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