Purpose: This case note assignment seeks to develop your ability to: ●

Purpose: This plight music provision seeks to enucleate your power to: ● peruse and explore elementary and unimportant sources of law; ● analyse these sources and see how they all associate concurrently in a refined piece of juridical agreement; ● fetch concurrently ideas, apportion and evaluate them in circumstantial and serviceable ways; and ● imagine and divulge lucidly, through agreement. 
Your task: Write a plight music on ​ACN 087 528 774 Pty Ltd (formerly Connex Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd) v Chetcuti ​ [2008] VSCA 274. In your plight music, you should nucleus on and critically evaluate the Court of Appeal’s argument of the promotive elements of the torts of onset and battery. In feature, the Court of Appeal held that: (1) onset required ‘[a] mental contrivance on the dissect of the prisoner that the browbeating achieve imagine in the intellect of the accuser an insight that the browbeating achieve be carried out forthwith’ and ‘[t]he insight in the intellect of the accuser must be objectively reasonable’; and (

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