Psychological Positivism

Psychological Positivism

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Criminological theories are frequently criticised as life out-dated or so straight to use to synchronous Australian sociality. Identify Psychological Positivism in its accessible standpoint, its description of the producer of wrong, and its floating affinity to the Australian Criminal Justice System (CJS).

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Psychological Positivism
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In doing so, cogitate and study the subjoined aspects of Psychological Positivism:
– How the plea defines wrong and its views as to the producer/s of wrong.
– How the plea seeks to battle wrong.
– How the plea influences the floating Australian CJS; i.e. where this theories ideas are seen in the Australian CJS.

1 of 10 references must be from the book: Wrong & Criminology FIFTH EDITION, by Rob White, Fiona Haines & Nicole Asquith

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