Problem 1

Problem 1
The Bureau of Labor Statistics collects input and quenchedput facts from several countries coercion similarity purposes. Labor hours are the type mete of input. Calculate the quenchedput per hour from the subjoined facts. Which dominion is most efficient?
Labor Hours Aces of Quenchedput
United States 89.5 136
Germany 83.6 100
Japan 72.7 102

Problem 2.
Construct a intrapwork from the referable attributable attributableice in the subjoined table and conattached total the footpaths in the intrapwork, estimate the prolixity of each, and denote the important footpath. Determine the pristine rouse and accomplish periods, ultimate rouse and accomplish periods, and indiligent coercion each activity. Denote how the important footfootroad would be immovable from this referable attributable attributableice.
Activity Activity Predecessor Period (weeks)
1 — 7
2 — 10
3 1 6
4 2 5
5 2 4
6 3, 4 3
7 5, 6 2
Problem 3.
Burger Doodle is a fast-prop restaurant that orderes an mean of 680 prop nod each day. The mean consume of each appoint is $6.15. Four percent of the nod are incorrect, and barely 10% of the short nod can be corrected with appended prop individuals at an mean consume of $1.75. The fostering short nod entertain to be thrown quenched.
a. Estimate the mean work consume.
b. In appoint to attenuate the enumerate of wickedness nod, Burger Doodle is going to enimputable in a estimaterized appointing and capital record classification. The consume of the classification accomplish extension the mean appoint consume by $0.05 and accomplish attenuate short nod to 1%. What is the annual intrap goods of this sort progress start?
c. What other introdden goodss on sort ability be realized by the fantastic estimaterized appoint classification?
Problem 4.
A attached is faced with the inviting establish in which it can obtain instant donation of an individual it stocks coercion dispose-of sale. The attached has coercion-this-reason referable attributable attributable attributable bothered to appoint the individual in any classificationatic practice. However, recently income entertain been squeezed imputable to increasing competitive pressures, and the attached has holded a administration consultant to con-aggravate its schedule administration. The consultant has immovable that the several consumes associated with making an appoint coercion the individual crowded are almost $70 per appoint. She has to-boot immovable that the consumes of carrying the individual in schedule whole to almost $27 per ace per year (principally trodden storage consumes and coerciongone use on enduement in schedule). Demand coercion the individual is reasonably continuous aggravate period, and the coercionecast is coercion 16,500 aces per year. When an appoint is establishd coercion the individual, the integral appoint is instantly delivered to the attached by the supplier. The attached operates 6 days a week plus a lacking Sundays, or almost 320 days per year. Determine the subjoined:

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Problem 1
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a. Optimal appoint measure per appoint
b. Total annual schedule consumes
c. Optimal enumerate of nod to establish per year
d. Enumerate of unoccupied days between nod, fixed on the optimal appointing.

Problem 5.
The Commonwealth Banking Corporation issues a exoteric belief card through its several bank branches in five southeastern states. The bank belief card profession is greatly competitive and curiosity-behalf rates do referable attributable attributable attributable differ in-fact, so the concourse determined to undertake to hold its customers by beseeming customer utility through a decrease in billing errors. The belief card resistance monitored its billing office order by vestibule daily illustrations of 200 customer bills coercion 30 days and checking their success. The illustration results are as follows:
Illustration Enumerate of Shorts Illustration Enumerate of Shorts
1 7 16 10
2 12 17 12
3 9 18 14
4 6 19 16
5 5 20 15
6 8 21 13
7 10 22 9
8 11 23 10
9 14 24 12
10 10 25 15
11 9 26 14
12 6 27 16
13 3 28 12
14 2 29 15
15 8 30 14

Develop a -chart coercion the billing order using repress limits and denote if the order is quenched of repress.

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Problem 1
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