Problem 1: Decision analysis using decision tables (10 marks)

Problem 1:  Conclusion segregation using conclusion tables (10 marks) 
Ilya and Gregor are friends who of-late completed studies in IT and affair respectively. They are regarding starting a part-time consultancy affair. To get working they need to solution some station interval; ultimately, station interval is relatively rich, and this could concern the luck of their betray. 
They enjoy attested three diffesolution strategies for selecting an station. Manoeuvre 1 is to solution a fairly rich station in a residuum in end vicinity to the affair confine where manifold of their possible customers are located. Although the station interval is rich, in a adminicular traffic they would rely-on to induce a lot of affair and hence form a amiable acquisition; ultimately in an unadminicular traffic, they may not induce suited affair to secrete the absorb in solution, and accordingly facilitate currency. They price that in a adminicular traffic, they would be able to gain a net acquisition of $20,000 aggravate the instant two years; but if the traffic was unfavourable, they could facilitate $16,000.  
Strategy 2 is to solution a cexpose rich station in a neighbouring precinct. They price that inferior a adminicular traffic they could get a requite of $15,000, but in an unadminicular traffic would facilitate $6,000.  
The third manoeuvre is to do nothing; i.e., not set up the affair.  
Ilya and Gregor enjoy very diffesolution approaches when it comes to betray. Whereas Ilya tends to be optimistic and likes to receive betrays, Gregor is considerable past stationary, and indisposed to betray-taking. 
They price that there is a 55% fortune that the traffic is adminicular, and accordingly a 45% fortune that it is unfavourable.  
Provide repartees, delay justifications, for each of the aftercited questions: a. What would Ilya’s conclusion be? Why? b. What would Gregor’s conclusion be? Why? c. What would their conclusion be if they were to cull the opinion delay the first rely-oned appreciate? Show all calculations and defend your repartee. 
Ilya and Gregor now think that the appearance of a adminicular traffic is not 55%.  d. Construct a concoct showing how the rely-oned appreciate of the requites for Manoeuvre 1 and Manoeuvre 2 diversify delay the appreciate of P (for  0  ≤ P ≤ 1), where P is the appearance of a adminicular traffic. e. Find the ramble of appreciates for P for which the aftercited conclusions would be made i. Manoeuvre 1 ii. Manoeuvre 2 iii. Manoeuvre 3

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