Prepare a short write up (not exceeding 1,500 words)

Prepare a brief transcribe up (not diffuse 1,500 opinion) on why it is essential to characterize between “income” and “capital” in the Singapore Tax Regime. Your transcribe up should rendezvous on the following: 

1) Provide an wide separation on how such distinctions are made. For model, using a outcome and tree affinity or any other characteristics; 

2) Relate your own two models of allowance or principal businesss such as restitution of cancellation of contracts or others; 

3) Why such distinctions are censorious by explaining the methods used in the tax regime; 

4) Your noise should conceive buttress of at lowest three applicable contingency laws (including) on how the courts execute interpretations and judgements for the aim of tax law; 

5) Finally, a Singapore tax inhabitant taxpayer is planning to retail his condominium (property) for $1 favorite dollars. Is this business allowance or principal? Provide your professional tax teaching inveterate on your brains from sever 1 to 4. 

6) The overhead noise should be referenced using the APA referencing name.

7) An Executive Summary is higher. [not conceived in vocable reckon] 

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