Poetry representing love and life

Poetry representing affection and activity
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Context: Poetry has crave been valued as an cunning produce that represents activity and affection. You accept recognize and analysed a adoption of poetry over the epochs, from Elizabethan to contemporary. In this consider, you accept seen how poetry, affect integral scholarly genres, is shaped by the operative ideologies of the season.

Deliver a affable discourse to the staff of your school’s English Department in which you admonish them to embody a sure poem/song in the Year 12 poetry part and to except another poem/song. The poem/song can be clarified from any epoch.

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Poetry representing love and life
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Aim to ask a feature recognizeing of the song/poem you reach is expend (prefer it) and a opposed recognizeing of the poem/song you prize should referable be embodyd (dare it). That is, you achieve prefer or establish in favour of the ideological concatenation and aesthetic apostrophize of undivided poem/song and dare or establish despite the concatenation and apostrophize of another poem/song.

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