Please submit your answers in one PDF file only.

Please yield your retorts in one PDF improve simply. Do not yield a disjoined Excel improve. Answers should be to the apex. Customer Appreciate In their advertisements, the posse promises to collect customers behind a while three labors in one: tanning, hair disunion, and husk rejuvenation. Behind a while simply one texture a month, customers’ husk conciliate seem unblemished. Customers premonition a compress and fit to pay a monthly fee, but can abrogate perfect month. For its new labor, the start-up is regarding impure contrariant options. It could  Copy the pricing and labor levels of its Munich sister posse, behind a while a monthly brink per customer of 40 Euro and an expected monthly customer rebellion reprove of 84%. In this enhancement, expected customer compensation consumes are 110 Euro per new customer. Go for a inferior consume and in moment inferior brink, which should extension rebellion reprove and inferior compensation consumes per customer.  Chose to collect reform labor, which would accelerate up the consume of serving each customer but should as-well aid behind a while inferioring compensation consumes and reaching reform customer rebellion versus the “copycat” adit.  Combine inferior consume and reform labor for an unbeatable synthesis, which conciliate upshot in low compensation consumes and noble customer rebellion. a) Explain your adit: How would you instruct should the start-up posse go environing choosing the best of the impure options? Which metric(s) should it deduce when making its resolution? (Please bound your retort to 300 opinion or near) 4 apexs b) Do the math: Rank classify the impure options from most to lowest surpassing and collect total to buttress your monition. 10 apexs c) Appreciate added: Assume that behind 1 year of effection, the posse has managed to plant a customer infamous of 1000 paying customers. In the “copycat” scenario, what is the retaining appreciate of these 1000 customers to the strong? 6 apexs Digital Marketing Beyond the topical embellishment textures, the entrepreneur as-well wants to seize service of the prevalent hype encircling her effect by selling embellishment effects online (lotion, makeup, etc.). Preparing for the primeval meeting, she would relish your feedback on contrariant digital marketing instruments. The subjoined grounds summarizes marketing activities in a standard week, showing how customers enjoy reacted towards each of them. Grounds environing mean expected customer appreciate is thoroughly disjoined from the topical embellishment reinforcement matter and must not be embarrassed. d) Do the math: Reprove each of the impure instruments from most to lowest attractive! Buttress it behind a while applicable metrics simply for each of the impure instruments. 10 apexs e) Explain your findings: Please elaboreprove on your sagacity briefly. Which metric(s) did you infamous your resolutions on? (Please bound your retort to 300 opinion or near) 4 apexs f) Based on your analyses, are there any “no-go” options natant the impure digital marketing instruments that the posse should dodge pursuing absorbed the prevalent total? If so, which one(s) and why? (Please bound your retort to 300 opinion or near) 6 apexs

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