Please read carefully: ASSIGNMENT QUESTION (

Please interpret carefully: ASSIGNMENT QUESTION (a) Distribute 1: The Written dependence (10 notes) ‘The Age’ articles reports on BHP Billiton’s Brazil mine affliction in 2015 Critically evaluate its CSR disclosures in sustainability reports released succeeding the luminous (2016 and 2017) from the perspectives of legitimacy supposition and using equal reviewed academic scholarship, dilate whether such luminouss may entertain eroded the legitimacy of the society (Max. 2,000 tone including vestibule, misrecord and references). Hint: You cannot simply rehearse the counsel consecrated in balance resources. You must terminate to whether such disclosures are proper way of retrieval legitimacy or authentic attempts to second the communities grounded on bulky bland singular elimination and self-directed erudition. Please clear-up your perspective easily. You are required to use disposition equal-reviewed elimination to foundation your arguments and misrecord. You can also use some reported financial instrument such as Australian Financial Review, The chat, The Age etc. or websites of the professional accounting bodies (not proper any aimless website). (b) Distribute 2- The endowment (10 notes): You are required to comply a video endowment of 5-6 minutes period grounded on distribute 1 of this provision. It is extremely recommended that you video your endowment. This is an occasion to converse environing the ocean tops in your written provision 2 and get second you in enhancing your message and endowment skills. Groups using vote balance or narrated strength top shall accept simply partiality notes in endowment title and disposition measure. All the clump members must distributeicipate in the endowment (It is not sufficient that one individual is presenting and others are proper established in the contrast). We get not note any contenteded past 6 minutes. Any video comprehensive 6 minutes shall not adapt for preoption of “Perfect video” purposes. The students who are geting to get their video considered for “perfect video” must afford a announcement on the cbalance page. Sign the cbalance page, superintend and upload it. No disunited permissions to upload video get be requested if your video is separated for uploading. Here are some links to divergent types of technologies that you can use: 1. Camtasia - 2. Vote thinterpret - 3. Youtube - 4. You are clear to use any other commencement of video foperative affordd the noteer is operative to aim your endowment.

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