Part A (500 words) – Economic conditions of

Part A (500 articulation) – Economic conditions of < Saudi Arabia >
Consider the notification presented by the mediate bank of your chosen dominion, such as notification about the aftercited economic indicators – GDP, inflation, usurpation facts, and housing hypothecation approvals.  Decide what quality of the vocation cycle you opine the dominion is in and elucidate 3 reasons why. 
Include in your counter-argument a graph or draw of the general acquiesce flexion which you fabricate yourself in MS Excel and purport into Word. 

Part B (500 articulation) – Overview of the Financial System 
Provide an overview of the financial regularity in your dominion and embrace the aftercited notification: 
 Currency (or currencies) used as a moderation of remodel, how it is typically prized, the general prize, and praise rating of the currency
 Amount of empire obligation explicit in US$ and as a percentage of the dominion’s GDP, whether this has been increasing or decreasing and why
 Name of the accumulation remodel (s), what products are traded on the remodel and how manifold accumulations are listed on this remodel – hours of trading

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