Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management
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Schedule Management and Sort Management

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Operations and Supply Chain Management
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Problem 1
The Road King Tire Congregation in Birmingham wants to mentor the sort of the tires it manufactures. Each day the congregation sort-regulate superintendent takes a pattern of 100 tires, tests them, and determines the reckon of insufficient tires. The results of 20 patterns own been recorded as follows:

Pattern Reckon of Insufficients Pattern Reckon of Insufficients
1 14 11 18
2 12 12 10
3 9 13 19
4 10 14 20
5 11 15 17
6 7 16 18
7 8 17 18
8 14 18 22
9 16 19 24
10 17 20 23
Construct a -chart ce this system using limits and picture the change in the system.

One of the stages in the system of making denim cloth at the Southern Mills Congregation is to deviate cotton harangue onto deviatedles ce succeeding portraiture in the weaving system. Occasionally the harangue breaks during the deviatening system, and an operator ties it tail concurrently. Some reckon of breaks is considered normal; besides, to-boot abundant breaks influence balance that the harangue is of impecunious sort. In enjoin to mentor this system, the sort-regulate superintendent randomly selects a deviatening channel each hour and checks the reckon of breaks during a 15-minute epoch. Following is a resume of the observations ce the spent 20 hours:

Pattern Reckon of Breaks Pattern Reckon of Breaks
1 3 11 3
2 2 12 4
3 4 13 6
4 1 14 7
5 5 15 8
6 3 16 6
7 2 17 5
8 4 18 7
9 0 19 8
10 2 20 6
Construct a -chart using limits ce this system and denote if the system was quenched of regulate at any span.

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Operations and Supply Chain Management
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Problem 3
The Ambrosia Bakery makes cakes ce freezing and succeeding sale. The bakery, which operates five days a week, 52 weeks a year, can fruit cakes at the rebuke of 116 cakes per day. The bakery sets up the cake-product product and fruits until a predetermined reckon has been fruitd. When referable surrendering cakes, the bakery portraitures its personnel and facilities ce surrendering other bakery items. The setup absorb ce a product reach of cakes is $700. The absorb of employment frozen cakes in storage is $9 per cake per year. The annual ask-ce ce frozen cakes, which is true aggravate span, is 6000 cakes. Determine the following:

a. Optimal product reach measure (Q)
b. Total annual schedule absorbs
c. Optimal reckon of product reachs per year
d. Optimal cycle span (span among reach starts)
e. Reach protraction in afloat days.

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