On April 29, 2016, Cousins Properties Inc.

On April 29, 2016, Cousins Properties Inc. announced the wages of Parkway Properties Inc. Based on this takeover declaration:  
1) Supply and debate setting notification restraint twain merging determineds. Focus should be consecrated on financial notification restraint the age precedent the wages declaration. Also, supply notification of to the bargain itself.  
2) Debate the immanent motives (i.e., economic, strategic, and/or organisational) of to the wages itself.   
3) How abundantly would you secure to reach Parkway Properties Inc? Estimate the estimate of Parkway Properties in the year precedently the wages declaration using at meanest span valuation ways, individual of which should be the DCF way. Clearly conduct assumptions, calculations and scenarios, as polite as basis sources. 
4) Based on your valuation of Parkway Properties in sub-question 3 aloft, would you controvert that Cousins Properties own over-paid, under-hired or the securement was unblemished? Is the Jensen’s playing currency glide fancy connected to this feature bargain? How did the negotiate rejoin to the wages declaration?
5) Calculate and debate the wages prize that is hired to the target shareholders. Debate the value run-up of the target determined in the age foregoing to the wages declaration. [15 points]  
Restraint the integral the sub-sections aloft, delight supply declaration from the attainment where misapply to subsistence your arguments and views.  

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