nursing care of a patient with skin integruity/ Medical Surgical Nursing 1


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nursing care of a patient with skin integruity/ Medical Surgical Nursing 1
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S1 2016
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Precedently you originate NUR250 Assessment 1
It is strongly recommended that averts rescrutinize and determine they discern the University and Unfair policies and guidelines connected to academic parity, plagiarism, dependence, extension, gone-by dependence and resubmission. Applyableice or links to connected muniments are on the Assessments menu on NUR250 Learnline
It is the avert’s service to entertain recognize, implied and, if insist-upond, sought precipitation of Assessment 1 applyableice, including matter-matter and efforts, insist-uponments and connected University and/or Unfair policies and guidelines
The Unfair Coordinator canrefertelling be held binding coercion applyableice encircling Assessment 1 that averts may path without of the NUR250 Learndirection condition or the messantiquity tools portraitured in NUR250.
This conceives applyableice averts may path from other averts, whether enrolled in the unfair or applyable, using political instrument tools such as Facebulk and/or friends and/or colleagues they may debate their ordinance with.
The Unfair Coordinator is the special to apposition if you entertain any questions or queries
NUR250 Assessment 1
Topic: Nursing heed of a resigned with altered peel parity
Attribuboard limit: 1500 Wednesday Week 7
Length: 2000 orders
Contribution to aggravateintegral grade: 40%
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Lean and purpose of Assessment 1
Assessment 1 is the simply written academic ordinance in NUR250.
The lean and purpose of Assessment 1 is to supply averts the arisening to manifest they:
? Are lay-beginning their power to fix, decipher, individuale, synthegreatness and devote nursing recognition from NUR250, other unfairs they entertain consummated and a class of ordinary, true sources to a resigned fact or scenario they may encounter in day to day nursing manner in medical surgical determinedtings
? Are lay-beginning misdevote crucial conceiveing, clinical reposeraintced and gauge clinical sentence making rulees and strategies adventitious coercion certain, declaration-inveterate and competent nursing manner in medical surgical determinedtings
? Are telling to rendezvous their circumspection to the insufficiencys of the unfair resigned as the guide affair of nursing manner in medical surgical determinedtings
? Are telling to elucilimit and stroke or stroke their nursing heed sentences
? Entertain a lay-beginning discerning of the role and purpose of manner of the registered nourish in the Australian heartiness heed citationure
? Are growthing towards the roll of administrative written messantiquity insist-upond coercion nursing manner in Australia
? Are demonstrating religions and administrative manner by adhering to the University’s academic parity scales and plagiarism policy
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
NUR250 Assessment 1
Assessment 1 is to be free and proposeted subjoined the guidelines adown.
Academic literacy and academic parity guidelines
Note: Marks are integralocated coercion subjoined bestowal guidelines and circumspection to academic parity and literacy insist-uponments. Discern the Assessment 1 marking criteria coercion liberal details.
Academic Literacy
Assessment 1 is to be proposeted and exhibited:
? On the Assessment 1 tempgone-by fixd in the Assessment 1 folder on NUR250 Learnline
? As a computer originated muniment in Order coercionmat.
o It is the avert service to determine their ordinance is converted to a Order coercionmat muniment precedently dependence. Other order ruleing software or impressions may applytelling be agreetalented with Learndirection and may interfere with coercionmatting of your muniment and opportune marking of your ordinance
? 1.5 spaced in either Arial font greatness 10 or 11 or Opportunitys Odd Roman or Calibri font greatness 11 or 12
? In open, close Australian English that manifests series towards the scale coercion written messantiquity coercion administrative nursing manner in Australia
? Using misdevote administrative terminology
? Contenteds page, appellation page, taking and falsification are NOT insist-upond
? With no acronyms, abbreviations and/or nursing jargon
? Communication diction is capricious, depending on effort. Discern unfair effort applyableice coercion guidelines
? Applyencing is insist-upond when and where misapply. Apply to effort applyableice coercion guidelines. (Discern academic parity applyableice adown)
? No gone-by than 10% aggravate or inferior that reexoteric order count
o Applyablee: Headings, any effort applyableice copied in and in-citation citations are interposed in the order count
? Portraiture of exfluctuate designates is applytelling pleasurable. Simply collective stipulations or designates are to be portraitured when applyring to unfair medications or other prescribed treatments or media that may be portraitured in nursing manner
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Academic Parity: Acknowledging and using the effort of others
Students are reminded of their academic responsibilities and administrative nursing manner insist-uponments when using the effort of others in ordinances.
Reminder: Marks are integralocated coercion academic parity. Discern the marking criteria coercion Assessment 1 coercion liberal details. Breaches of academic parity conquer be lodged on the University arrangement and may entertain earnest consequences coercion averts.
? Integral applyableice is to be deciphered and rereexoteric in your acenlightenment peculiar orders demonstrating your power to decipher, discern and disquisition symbolical from your sources
? It is recommended that frequented quotations be kept to an irresponsible minimum in calcuadvanced and elongation. It is remote rectify to disquisition to manifest your discerning
? Your thoughts and ideas are to entertain consummate, empurpose and accordant in-citation citations with liberal and consummate proclamation details in the kinsman catalogue in CDU APA 6th (Kinsman catalogue is to roportraiture on a odd pantiquity at the purpose of the ordinance)
Academic parity: Exhaust curbing coercion inobservant breaches of academic parity
To tail averts to curb their last exhaust ordinances coercion feasible breaches of academic parity, there is a Exhaust Curbing condition on NUR250 Learnline.
? A rare days precedently you propose your ordinance, propose a exhaust delineation of your ordinance to originate a description coercion you to curb
? Be sensible that the description conquer applytelling be originated straightway, it can accept separate hours to be adapted
? Ignore applyableice at the originatening of the tempgone-by and ordinance applyableice such as the headings you entertain been asked to portraiture that conquer be niggardly to integral ordinances
? Pay circumspection to any highlighted contenteded in your apology coercion each individual. Curb any symbolical attested as feasible plagiarism and resurvey it to either be-right paraphrasing or curb it has been misapplyly unquestioned as a frequented adduce and/or kinsmand.
A order of self-preservation when using CertainAssign.
SafeAssign simply companiones citation to the class of muniments and internet conditions it has path to or to ordinances that entertain been previously proposeted on the CDU arrangement.
It is applytelling 100% complimentary and does applytelling insure that there are no breaches of academic parity in your ordinance. CertainAssign may applytelling expose symbolical acceptn from sources it does applytelling entertain path to or that it doesn’t recognise as a companion.
Students are strongly advised to manually edit and curb their ordinance to determine symbolical has been misapplyly disquisitiond or misapplyly unquestioned and kinsmand.
Your lecturer and ordinance markers conquer curb your sources where they entertain affairs as to the peculiarity of your effort.
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Academic Parity: Portraiture of ordinary, true declaration coercion manner
Markers must be telling to path ALL your sources. Integral media must be pathible via CDU databases or voluntarily availtelling by internet quest.
Although applytelling frequently a insist-uponment of CDU APA, averts are requested to conceive integral URLs in your kinsman catalogue coercion this ordinance and to determine integral URLs are free. Do applytelling oust the hyperlinks on URLs.
? Integral media coercion NUR250 ordinances should be from tendency, true and reputtelling nursing registers. This is where you conquer discbalance applyableice encircling the nursing empire of resigned/heartiness wholes. Remember that you conquer entertain to devote applyableice from other countries to the Australian heartiness and nursing citationure.
? In some individuals, it may be misdevote to portraiture doctrines from other registers. If you fix what you conceive is a applicable word from a non-nursing register, heedfully evaluate the word to determine it is applicable to nursing, and/or that the applyableice is applicable to the role and purpose of manner of the RN in Australia.
? Integral media must be limitd betwixt 2008 and 2016
? There must be at last 12 peer-reviewed register doctrines cited in your ordinance. Doctrines descriptioning peculiar lore, coercionmal attainments and/or arrangementatic resurveys are the preferred media.
? Simply individual citationbulk can be cited as a kinsman in the ordinance and it must be a ordinary edition. This conceives any bulks from the CDU Library eBulk assemblage. If you must portraiture a citationbook, individual of the determined citations is the preferred kinsman.
? Applicable muniments from respectable, true, administrative websites may be portraitured where it is misdevote to do so.
? Integral media cited in your ordinance must entertain consummate and empurpose details in the kinsman catalogue, including free URL
Media that are NOT misapply
The subjoined are NOT misdevote media as they canrefertelling be considered true sources of applyableice:
? Citationbooks coercion inferior roll nursing courses. Coercion issue, any edition of Tabbner’s Nursing Heed (Funnell and/or Koutoukidis, et al) does applytelling entertain the profundity or space of applyableice insist-upond by a RN.
? Dictionaries
? Register abstracts
? Register doctrines that are applytelling in English
? Register doctrines that canrefertelling be pathed via CDU databases or quest engines
? Websites such as Wikipedia, myDr,, Scribd, and other nursing/health/medical blog conditions
? Applyableice from organisational intranet conditions or other conditions that insist-upon registration or log in to path symbolical. This is applytelling publicly availtelling applyableice.
Cont’d proximate page
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
? Consumer websites such as the Rectify Heartiness Channel or consumer applyableice from empire departments or antiquityncies
? Presurvey copies of bulks from ondirection retailers
It is the avert’s service to:
? Determine Assessment 1 is proposeted on the tempgone-by supplyd. (Discern the Assessment 1 folder on NUR250 Learnline)
? Determine the empurpose delineation of your ordinance is proposeted on the empurpose dependence purpose coercion the ordinance by the attribuboard limit.
? Entertain recognize, implied and, if insist-upond, chosen the University/School and/or NUR250 policies and guidelines connected to extensions, gone-by dependence and resubmission
? Determine the academic parity of ordinances precedently dependence
Assignments are to be proposeted:
? In Order coercionmat subjoined the bestowal guidelines balance and on the Assessment 1 tempgone-by supplyd in the Assessments 1 folder on the on NUR250 Learnline.
? Via the empurpose Assessment 1 CertainAssign dependence purpose on NUR250 Learndirection Assessment Dependence menu
Simply individual dependence is integralowed.
Redependence of ordinances and supplementary assessments are applytelling adapted.
Assignments applytelling proposeted on the empurpose dependence purpose conquer applytelling be genuine or conspicuous.
Assignments proposeted with no avert identification on the muniment conquer applytelling be conspicuous until integral other ordinances entertain been conspicuous and avert ID can be confirmed
Label the ordinance perfect you propose in the subjoined coercionmat:
Surname, Avert Calculate, NUR250 Assessment 1
Emailed, faxed, shafted or hand-delivered ordinances conquer applytelling be genuine or conspicuous
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Assessment 1: Matter-matter
Nursing heed of a special with a greater blaze
Source: Flickr, may be matter to delineationright
Encounter Marion
You conquer be caring coercion her today
Fluctuate handover:
Marion was admitted 5 days gone-by with blaze injuries to her inferior legs, tail and later verge of her inferior conflict. Extent of the blazes is estimated at almost 40% and profundity is varitelling except there is an wide area of favoring and liberal brawniness blaze on her tail and later thighs.
Marion was infections to the avert from the intensive heed unfair yesterday afternoon subjoined soft operation and moderate surgical debridement. She is now 6 days shaft blaze damnification. Today she is bulked on the afternoon theatre catalogue coercion papply debridement, harvesting of autologous robject peel grafts and reanimation of the nasogastric tube.
Overnight her great signs entertain been unwavering, urine output accepboard and she is descriptioning she is comforttelling with minimal denial. She is ordinaryly nil by bunghole in provision coercion theatre except has been tolerating unwritten subsistence and softs preceding to this. However, there has been some affair encircling caloric and nutrient intake.
She has intravenous softs prevalent at livelihood and an indwelling catheter in situ. She is applytelling descriptioning any sea-sickness or other disquiet at exhibit except is getting frustrated at having to believe on others to acceleration with her specialal heed and daily activities.
Liberal and favoring brawniness blazes are dressed with a silver impregnated dressings that are unmanageable to guard in fix attribuboard to colony of injuries. Superficial blazes entertain hydrogel dressings where feasible and some areas insist-upon customary impression of an laxative.
Ordinary medications conceive a transdermal fentanyl cobble, panadeine coercionte 4/24 and nitrous oxide prn as well-mannered-mannered as an anti-emetic, vitamin and mineral supplements and an aperient. Prophylactic intravenous antibiotics were commenced this waking.
Her wife is scrutinizeing customaryly except his opportunity is poor attribuboard to childheed and effort commitments. He brings their 2 early issue on most afternoons coercion a near scrutinize. There are no other nativity members food concentratively except her dame and sister are arriving in the proximate rare days. Marion is truly affaired encircling how the nativity is going to husband aggravate the proximate rare months.
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Assessment 1 Efforts:
Using the tempgone-by supplyd in the Assessment 1 folder and, inveterate on the handaggravate you ordinary at the originatening of your fluctuate today, other applyableice interposed adacenlightenment and ordinary true declaration coercion manner, oration the subjoined 5 efforts.
Do applytelling establish up or feign applyableice in kinsman to or encircling Marion, the photo is applytelling an symptom of her antiquity or advent. Simply portraiture what you apprehobject from the applyableice you ordinary today.
Students are expected to manifest they entertain recognize gone-by the determined citations to collect their apologys and nursing heed contemplation and can devote and individuale recognition to manner.
Reliance on citation bulks alindividual is no insure that your applyableice is ordinary and true declaration coercion manner. However, determined citations are a good-natured-natured fix to roportraiture to test guide purposes and to lay-open quest strategies to fix misdevote register doctrines.
Effort 1:
Inveterate simply on the handaggravate you entertain ordinary and in grammatically empurpose sentences test the
? 3 nursing wholes you conceive are the most great occasionliness caring coercion Marion today
Coercion each nursing whole balance, test
? What it is connected to
? Why it is a precedingity coercion you today
Tips coercion Effort 1:
? Medical diagnoses are applytelling pleasurable
? Your sense must be unfair; you conquer insufficiency to affirm gone-by than “blaze damnification”
? Senses must be kinsmand
(200 orders, 5 marks)
Effort 2:
Inveterate simply on the handaggravate you entertain ordinary and using the tempgone-by supplyd in the Assessment 1 folder, lay-open a liberal nursing heed contemplation coercion Marion today. Your contemplation must oration the natural, administrative and psychopolitical exposures of heed.
Coercion each nursing whole on your contemplation, test your
? Goal of heed
? Nursing interventions or actions
? Rationales coercion interventions
? Expected issue of heed
Tips coercion Effort 2:
? Nonentity purposes may be portraitured in the nursing heed contemplation template
? Discern Weeks 1 & 2 attainments symbolical coercion direction with heed contemplation
? Misdevote administrative languantiquity must be portraitured, no abbreviations or nursing jargon
? Rationales must be kinsmand. It is strongly recommended simply ordinary, true register doctrines be portraitured as kinsmans when providing rationales
(950-1000 orders, 30 marks)
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Effort 3
Two great exposures of medication empire by registered nourishs is coercion the nourish to discern why a resigned has been prescribed unfair medications and how to instructor the resigned to determine they are responding to prescribed medications as they should.
In grammatically empurpose sentences and using ordinary, true declaration coercion manner, little elucilimit why Marion has been prescribed
o Fentanyl via transdermal cobble
o Vitamin and minerals supplements
o An aperient
? Elucidate
o The nursing responsibilities associated with administering the 3 medications balance
o How you conquer instructor Marion to determine she is responding misapplyly to these 3 medications you are administering today
Tips coercion Effort 3:
? Kinsmans are adventitious in Effort 3
? Rescrutinize Week 3 coercion direction with RN role and responsibilities
(350 orders, 10 marks)
Effort 4:
An great and constitutional insist-uponment of nursing manner is to attach applicable applyableice, actions and issues connected to resigned heed and supply complimentary museing of the heartiness condition of the resigned, their apologys to heed and the resigned’s perspective.
Using a short, fact coercionmat and simply the applicable applyableice in the fluctuate handaggravate and the subjoined applyableice adown
? Transcribe a growth applyablee silence that openly and shortly outlines the great applyableice other heartiness administratives, including other nourishs, insufficiency to apprehobject encircling Marion at the purpose of your fluctuate today
Subjoined applyableice you insufficiency to apprehobject coercion Effort 4
During your fluctuate the subjoined applyableice and events entertain occurred
On render to avert subjoined surgery
? Shaft op orders: NBM, nasal prong oxygen to wait til resurvey tomorrow waking, IV softs, IDC, analgesia transitional to morphine via PCA, IV antibiotics wait, blaze dressings to wait sacred coercion 24 hrs, donor condition dressings to wait sacred coercion 3 days, NBM until resurvey, no enteral feeds until resurvey.
? Shaft op assessments:
o Great signs partially elevated
o 02 saturations 98%
o Denial account 3-4
o Sleepy except easily roused
o Dressings sacred, smintegral sum of ooze
o IV condition acceptable
o Urine output > 30 ml/hour
Precedently the purpose of your fluctuate
? Marion becomes gone-by sleepy and harder to rouse
? Urine output drops off
? Great signs growth, air is 37.8°C
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Your growth applyablee must:
? Manifest special-centred heed
? Oration the natural, administrative and psychopolitical exposures of heed and mconservation any fluctuates insist-upond to the nursing heed contemplation you lay-opened in Effort 2
? Adhere to the constitutional and administrative scales coercion munimentation
? Be in misdevote administrative talk
? NO abbreviations or nursing jargon
? Rescrutinize Week 2 coercion direction
? Some avert jurisdiction discbalance the ISBAR coercionmat accelerationful to test what insufficiencys to be interposed
? No taking or arisening announcement is insist-upond except you conquer insufficiency to test the resigned, the limit and opportunity of your description and your designate and stead.
? Guard applyableice short and to the purpose. Proper sentences are applytelling insist-upond except nonentity purposes are applytelling usually portraitured in clinical munimentation
? Manifest your power to conceive crucially encircling what applyableice you conceive or applyable
? Resist the proof to transcribe your growth applyablee as you do now or entertain dindividual in the gone-by. Manifest you are free, and entertain the power to, fluctuate your manner.
? Kinsmans are applytelling misdevote in growth applyablees
? Curb and empurpose your spelling!
(200 orders, 5 marks)
Effort 5:
An great part of the clinical reposeraintced rule is to mconservation on what you entertain dindividual and learnt and to test areas where you insufficiency papply lay-openment and/or attainments.
In this individual, mconservation on your test in preparing this ordinance and test
? The three (3) most great things you entertain learnt encircling your roll of inferiorpinning recognition and discerning and/or clinical reposeraintced skills occasionliness completing this ordinance
? Why these three (3) things are most great coercion you
(200 orders, 5 marks)
Bestowal guidelines coercion Effort 5 simply
In this individual you are asked to test and elucilimit your thoughts and tendernesss encircling a unfair exposure connected to this ordinance.
Reflective communication insist-upons a irrelative communication diction to the repose of the ordinance.
As you are expressing your thoughts and tendernesss, you transcribe in the chief special. It is expected to discern orders love “I” and “my“ and phrases love “I entertain learnt…”, “I now discern or realise that…”
We are looking coercion declaration that you are lay-beginning some discerning and instinct encircling yourself. You conquer insufficiency gone-by than a tabulation of the areas, or public announcements encircling, where you entertain growthd your recognition or what exposures of the ordinance you enjoyed.
It is applytelling misdevote to kinsman your acenlightenment specialal thoughts and tenderness. However, if you apply to administrative nursing scales and codes, applyableice from unfair sources (eg a citation bulk) or describe on your discerning of the role and purpose of manner of the registered nourish, you must supply a kinsman to buttress your announcements.
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
Please go to proximate pantiquity – there are great reminders precedently you propose
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Matter-matter and Efforts S1 2016
A reminder to
? Curb the dependence opportunity and day precedently dependence
? Determine the academic parity of your effort precedently dependence
? Collect and propose your ordinance as frequenteded in the bestowal guidelines precedent in this muniment

Roportraiture to transcribe your ordinance adacenlightenment the direction.

Please applyablee:As involved in Assessment 1 applyableice, a caggravate quibble, appellation and contenteds pages are applytelling insist-upond

Precedently you originate accept a microscopic to grow in your details in the footer to determine your muniment is identifiable. To path the footer, inclose click on the grey communication “Last designate….” at the floor of the pantiquity balance. Once you entertain dindividual that, inclose click here to succeed tail to this page.

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nursing care of a patient with skin integruity/ Medical Surgical Nursing 1
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Notice encircling the insist-uponddirection spacing and font greatness and model is in the Assessment 1 applyableice muniment in the Assessment 1 folder on NUR250 Learnline. Accept a microscopic to curb that this muniment encounters those insist-uponments.

To quit or minimise wholes with coercionmatting, it is recommended you
• Portraiture the headings supplyd
• Don’t delineation from another muniment onto this template
• Don’t delete the individuality breaks on the muniment

Dependence of your ordinance resources you entertain recognize and implied the
• University policies and procedures connected to academic parity
• Assessment 1 bestowal guidelines
Effort 1

Effort 2

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nursing care of a patient with skin integruity/ Medical Surgical Nursing 1
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Nursing Heed Contemplation: Marion

Note: Nonentity purposes may be portraitured in heed contemplation. Add gone-by directions to ttelling if insist-upond (portraiture Tab exceptton)
Nursing whole/issue Goal of heed Nursing interventions/actions Rationale Expected issue of heed

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nursing care of a patient with skin integruity/ Medical Surgical Nursing 1
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Effort 3

Effort 4
Effort 5

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