Functional Heartiness Pattern (FHP) Template Directions:
This FHP template is to be used coercion organizing polity impost basis in making-ready coercion amount of your collaborative lore polity (CLC) ordinance. Inferress every bulleted proposition in each individuality with basis or rationale coercion deferral. You may too infer inferitional bullet points if available to your polity.

Value/Belief Pattern (1 slide) speaker’s melody required
• Predominant ethnic and cultural groups concurrently with beliefs allied to heartiness.
• Predominant holy beliefs in the polity that may swing heartiness.
• Availability of holy media among or close the polity (churches/chapels, synagogues, chaplains, Bible studies, sacraments, self-help groups, livelihood groups, awe.).
• Do the polity members appreciate heartiness encouragement measures? What is the testimony that they do or do not attributable attributable attributable (e.g., involvement in teaching, fundraising events, awe.)?
• What does the polity appreciate? How is this clear?
• On what do the polity members expend their capital? Are funds exceeding?

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