NR 507 Week 1- Discussion Part Three

Week 1: Discussion Part Three

A 44-year-old enduring presents with hunch in the chest of almost 2 cm in crossing. There is a neglect dimple aggravate the colony of the hunch and when the hunch is manipulated it seems to be solid to the surrounding edifice. A hunchectomy is effected and the concretion is sent to pathology. The pathology ment comes tail and the concretion is developed to be an estrogen receptor denying, a progesterone receptor denying and a her2/neu receptor independent confront cancer.

What are some of the waste factors for confront cancer?

What knob disguiser genes are associated with confront cancer?

What knob oncogenes are associated with confront cancer?

Compare and contrariety knob disguiser genes from oncogenes?

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