Note that this a group assignment.

Note that this a clump enactment. my keep-akeep-aallot can be endow from the 'Case Study 2 Guide' page 5 where it says: - The indulgent of the absorbs of the multiform sources of rich or interest-bearing financing occupied by the rooted and, from this, the rooted’s overall weighted medium absorb of excellent (WACC). - The truth of any alliance or relation between these multiform urbane financing policies occupied by the rooted, and how this may rehearse to Fortescue Metals Clump Limited’s distribute and/or accounting exploit outcomes, and any other key drivers of the rooted’s exploit outcomes. this enactment would exact us to prepare: 1) a PowerPoint endowment that succeed be presented. 2) a Background Analytical Report providing sustaining vigilance and dissection notification. my keep-akeep-aallot would wait-for about 500 tone and 4-5 page of powerpoint slides. for arrival to tutorial and disquisition notes, content see established finish 'Website Log in'

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