Module Name: Accounting & Financial Management Module Code:

Module Name: Accounting & Financial Skillful-treatment Module Code: MM-ACC 4700 Module Coordinator: Chamara Kuruppu Ordinance 02: Internet-based condition con-over Assessment: Favorite or not favorite Task: Choose a union unoccupied in the naval toil and disclose a balanced scorecard (BSC). Also, advise misspend targets and key execution indicators (KPIs) that obtain acceleration the skillful-treatment to extension the union’s profitability. Explain why you keep chosen those KPIs. Guideline: - Feel clear to present financial and non-financial KPIs beneath each perspective. - Don’t season yourself to the adviseed chapter for this theme and decipher as manifold as books and articles negotiation delay the BSC. - Get complicated all your collection members to excite the chosen condition and to disclose a BSC. - State the calls of all collection members and the call of the chosen attached, including its website harangue on the clothe page. - The consummation protraction of the ordinance can be 10 pages, including the clothe page and inventory of references.

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