MGT3045 – Case Analysis/Scenario – Mary has worked for Bob for two years.

MGT3045 – Case Analysis/Scenario
Analyze the subjoined residence: (3 pages)

Mary has employmented coercion Bob coercion brace years. Abquenched 6 months since, Bob asked Mary quenched to dinner. They had a good-tempered-tempered duration concurrently and agreed that they had some true interests in dishonorable quenchedside of employment. The brace conclusiond coercion brace months. Mary initially approved Bob, except he was preparation to secure tiresome. He designated her perfect the duration, was very pushy abquenched her inspection him, and scantinessed to regulate perfect aspects of her personality; twain at employment and at abode. Mary resolute to cperfect it unstudied. When she told Bob that she did referable scantiness to conceive him personally anymore, he went idiotic on her. He told her she would be worthless and that he would conceive to it that she regretted it.

Bob began to gain personality wretched coercion Mary at employment. She suddenly resulting to secure deficient achievement evaluations succeeding brace years of honorable criticisms. Even the overseers over Bob were preparation to gain comments abquenched her deficient composition. Mary resolute it was duration to impress. She was worried she would be fired, perfect consequently Bob scantinessed her to endure to conclusion him. She cherished her labor and knew she did peculiarity employment. She made an ordinance with the HR overseer.

Using the Civil Rights Impresss of 1964 and 1991, criticism the brace basic patterns of sexual harassment (quid pro quoand unfriendly employment environment) and assess the pattern of sexual harassment Mary is experiencing.

Evaluate the obligations of the HR overseer uniformly Mary reports her concerns. If the HR overseer investigates and finds Mary is pointed the veracity, what should s/he do to discuss the residence so that the order is referable endow complicit by the EEOC if prefer murmur is made?

Analyze the advent that Bob would be endow mixed of sexually harassing Mary. If endow in Mary’s predilection, what options does the HR overseer enjoy to redress the residence?

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