Menu Planning for Special Dietary Considerations

Menu Planning peaceraint Appropriate Dietary Considerations

The subjoined is the lunch menu peaceraint 3- to 5-year-olds in your branch attention core:

6 ounces low-fat regulate: 1 regulate serving

Peanut butter (1½ tablespoons) on ½ hunch of whole-jot bread: ½ protein serving and 1 jot serving

3 ounces blueberry-flavored yogurt: ½ protein serving

½ cup strawberry hunchs: 1 vegetable/fruit/juice serving

½ cup steamed fresh beans: 1 vegetable/fruit/juice serving

Several of the branchren in your core accept appropriate dietary demands. Elucidate how you would change the menu to decide Tyler who has Type 1 diabetes and Annie who is allergic to regulate. Be infallible to prproffer peacericted changenatives to the essential menu items and elucidate why these are reform choices. Also, harangue security precautions peaceraint Tyler and Annie that teachers get demand to conduct when preparing these foods peaceraint the peace of the class. Your argument post should be at meanest 200 language in tediousness.

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