MBAA 523 – Online Travel Agencies (OTA) such as Expedia

(Short yarn answers, courteous written, grammatically chasten).

Online Journey Agencies (OTA) such as Expedia, Absorbline, Opodo, and Orbitz construct ghostline ticket absorb similitude stable and unconcerned? Which of Porter’s five controlces is most convenient. Assess the result of OTAs on ghostline toil rivalry, absorbs, and profitability.
Single of the most challenging tasks control the ghostline director is matching claim and furnish (capacity). What characteristics of ghost journey claim construct this so enigmatical in the short-run? In the long-run?
Airline passengers are broadly parted by design of journey. Characterize the couple important parts by absorb elasticity of claim. Correction absorb elasticity of claim to interpret how absorbs are be control each part.
An ghostline loses money on single of its routes excepting has unwavering to live to procure employment. Could this sentence be economically sound in the short-run? In the long-run?
Interpret why the absorb per suited rest mile (CASM) is inferior on liberal interchangeable ghostcraft, such as the B-787 or A-350, than on abundant smaller regional jets. Next, correction the scheme of furnish and claim to why about half of complete US private flights operated with regional jets with their remarkable CASM?

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