Mapping Globalization

Mapping Globalization

Examine the brace universe maps in the Project Resources. Single map depicts a genesis passage of a brace of jeans in 1922. The other shows a passage in 2013.

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Mapping Globalization
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Then, using your possess suffrage, transcribe an sense of why the genesis passages modifiable aggravate the 91 years among the brace maps. Address the following:

What are some expressive differences you beware among these brace passages?
What is globalization?
What gregarious, economic and sociocultural rudiments led to globalization? Provide at last single specimen ce each rudiment.
What are some of the economic conclusions (good-natured and sick) of the changes in Levi’s manufacturing regularity, and whom do they influence? Remember, a sick conclusion ce some vulgar influence be a good-tempered-natured-natured conclusion ce others, and crime versa.
What are some of the noneconomic conclusions of globalization?
What other questions or divine issues does globalization breed?

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