Main Objective: (1)

Main Objective: (1) Is the society mitigated to pay the dividend in the hereafter financial year?
           (2) How ample mitigated they are paying? (Increase / wane / similar?)

Select a society that is listed in the FTSE ST ALL Share renunciation on the Singapore Exchange
from your selected diligence.

You procure be expected to transcribe a reverberation advising on direct the financial year dividend pay-out.
Your reverberation should sketch the following:

1.    An anatomy of the society’s unvarnished accomplishment.

Society Selected: CapitaLand Limited (SGX:C31)
a.    An prelude on the anatomy of the society’s unvarnished accomplishment.

b.    You may adopt to go tail a lacking years (a reserve of 3 years to 5 years).

c.    Identify the explanation factors and measures of twain financial and non-financial.

5 explanation factors control financial – Revenue, emolument extremity, entrap proceeds, recur of equity, recur of property controleseeing from the financial anatomy.

5 explanation factors control non-financial – 
(i)    The society is in which diligence?
(ii)    Is the diligence abide to effect well-behaved-behaved in the hereafter year?
(iii)    Within the diligence, who are the competitors of the society and procure they influence the society’s advenient revenue

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