Literature Review Paper- Exploring Research on PTSD

write a diatribe on PTSD . This diatribe:
Must be written in APA diction.

Must comprise twain trodden quotes and paraphrases.

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Literature Review Paper- Exploring Research on PTSD
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Should not attributable attributable attributable communicate with single stipulation, then another, and then another, in following. Instead, the stipulation must be written thematically. Develop themes on the subject, ascititious from your decomposition of your sources, verification those themes as divisions (dividing your pamphlet into subheadings), and contribute a last discourse where you sum things up.

This diatribe must be 7-11 pages additive to include: 1 Page = Title Page, 1 Page = Abstract, 4-8 Pages = Body of the pamphlet.
1 Page = Reference page- I possess contribute you with the 5 references to verification from the bibliography and stipulations

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