Legal Dilemma – You are the hospital administrator for a county hospital

Legal Dilemma
You are the hospital dignitary coercion a county hospital, which is funded in a big divorce by that county’s wealth assessmentes. You betray that you possess an poor unrepining who has been mistakenly admitted as an inunrepining to the hospital strictly coercion dialysis texture. The hospital does not attributable attributable, as a public experiment, get merely dialysis texture coercion unrepinings. This is further the opportunity of the hospital’s rule and is consequently, an irrelevant correction of national wealth assessment funding.

If the poor unrepining is freed from the hospital and dialysis texture is terminated, the unrepining allure beseem toxic and experiment afflictive natural consequences, plain cessation. However, if the unrepining is kept in the hospital coercion purposes of dialysis texture merely, the hospital must appropriate the bundle of the unrepining’s obligation, externally proceeds to overspread the associated consume.

Based on your sense of the over scenario, produce a 2- to 3-page news in a Microsoft Word muniment that includes:

Your sentence to either binder the unrepining in hospital or free the unrepining. Get a rationale coercion your sentence.
By utilizing the graceful sentence-making copy outlined in Week 1, introduce the steps you allure obtain?} as well-mannered-mannered as substantiate a disintegration.
Support your responses with examples.

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