Knights Finance Ltd., a financial services

Knights Finance Ltd., a financial services and accounting decided in Melbourne employs Shulee as their prominent financial dignitary (CFO).  Shulee’s agree recurrent that she could not be filled by a affair ‘similar to or competitive after a while’ the assemblage for disgusting years anywhere in Australia or New Zealand succeeding ceasing trade after a while Knights Finance.   In specification, the agree recurrent Shulee was not to join-in in ‘restricted activities ’ after a while any equal or antagonist chiefly those that connected to providing ‘confidential notification’ including ‘affair plans, lore and bud, customers, staff luxuriance and prudence manuals; planning or marketing strategies; accounting procedures and financial notification’ or ‘any notification that came to your comprehension in the plan of trade that would reasonably be considered to be confidential’. Shulee has of-late given her one month’s give-heed-to (supposing in the agree after a while Knights Finance) and has signed a agree after a while Round Table Finance Ltd., another assemblage in Melbourne.  Knights’ Finance’s CEO, Pradeep, approaches you environing Shulee’s inaugurate, and says that he of-late interpret a Victorian instance environing this sign of being, and is unsure whether Shulee is in divulsion of the trade agree.

Advise Pradeep.

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