Kline and Oliver (2015) introduced

Kline and Oliver (2015) introduced the ‘Community Capitals Framework’ (CCF) to episode studies. It proposes seven unanalogous categories for agreement how unanalogous types of excellent are distinguishable among an episode (near we can unravel ‘capital’ as sense instrument and applications). Importantly it does not cogitate each of these in disconnection, but cogitates how they command application and issue betwixt each other. 

How to arrival the assignment 
Start by unraveling the Kline and Oliver stipulation, your tidings obtain be in the arrange of a 5,000-word study reconsideration (still regard roll). In your tidings, you scarcity to critically argue the Kline and Oliver stipulation and reveal your agreement of the CCF. You obtain do this by incorporating and analyzing any of the road embodied elaborate to epoch and any other powerful sources you perceive through your own learning. You can haul on academic study, toil or resources sources, but you must prioritize the use of academic sources

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