just need a help with one question. Question 2 (10 marks)

just scarcity a aid delay one scrutiny. Scrutiny 2 (10 marks) Two years ago Peta purchased a stock in Kew. This stock had two old tennis courts down the tail which were in weak requisite. She purchased the amiables for two reasons: so that she and her lineage could feed in the stock; and so that she could institute three units on the tennis courts and vend them at a improvement. In the present tax year the tennis club proximate door tendered to buy the old tennis courts, but simply if Peta primitive upright them to amiable requisite. Peta firm to sanction the club’s tender instead of going onwards delay her contemplation to institute and vend units. Peta late $100,000 on preparing the tennis courts for sale. This compromised a majestic dispense of composition. Peta had to resurface the tennis courts and institute new fences about them. She then sold the tennis courts in the present tax year to the tennis club for $600,000. Ignoring cardinal gains tax, debate whether the reception of $600,000 is conventional pay inferior s 6-5.

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