Jayne Smyth works for AusAid (Commonwealth Employee).

Jayne Smyth works for AusAid (Commonwealth Employee). Her role is to distribute aid in developing countries subjoined a regular perplexity. In the year ended 30 June 2016 she elapsed six months in Nepal providing perplexity aid subjoined the December 2015 earthquake. Her wages is $2,000 per week coarse. When overseas started she accepted a grievance wages of an attached $1000 per week. In February 2016, her grandfather died and she returned to Australia for three weeks on merciful liberty. In March 2016, she donated $2,000 to the RSPCA a registered charity caring for furious animals. On 4 June 2016, she won $400,000 on Lotto. Gladden guide Jayne on how the subjoined amounts are to be treated in her allowance tax return for the year ended 30 June 2016; 1. Her wages conjuncture started in Australia; 2.Her wages and wagess conjuncture started overseas; 3.Her discount to the RSPCA; and  4.Her win on Lotto.  In your counter-argument gladden allude to the applicable congress and occurrence law

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