Introduction/ Background

Introduction/ Contrast –Use insufficient but solid preliminary chapter. Cover the forthcoming points:   What is the (brief) contrast that has led to this want for scrutiny?  This repute has been written consequently ....                    Objectives  The objectives of this repute are to ....  (Clearly confirm the substance)
Research questions - What allure the scrutiny attack to oration?

Literature reconsideration - What attainment entertain you consulted to epoch that can pour attached unconsidered on the substance?  What are the heart concepts readers want to discern at this quantity?

Method or Procedure - How do you proffer to prove this issue/question?

Analysis/Application - Drawing on basis source

Contribution - How allure this scrutiny profit others? What is the expected oblation? What limitations may want to be considered?
References   List of all references consulted to epoch.

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